Case Studies

We help clients make better strategic decisions.

Client Challenge TMA Strategy Benefit to Client
An S&P 600 manufacturer wanted to better understand both buyer inclinations and how they view the competition. Identify key buying drivers and determine which have greatest impact. Compare overall satisfaction of client and its competitors. Client incorporated results from annual studies into worldwide corporate action plan yielding steady growth as leading market player.
A Fortune 500 manufacturer wanted to actively penetrate an undersold market. Conduct overview of new industry segments. Identify highest potential growth segments. Obtain insights into needs for manufacturer’s products. Client shifted market focus to a faster growing segment in the healthcare industry.
A pharmaceutical product developer wanted to better understand their clients and prospects. Conduct in-depth, worldwide interviews of decision makers of both clients and prospects to distinguish most influential points. Client used results to guide strategic planning decisions and maximize impact of investments.
A regional non-profit wanted to market services to organizations most needing them. Identify who were the paying customers. Determine their decision makers. Predict their appetite for pricing. Restrict interviews to targeted potential buyers. Client refined their strategy for offering these services and identified more effective opportunites for growth.