Collaboration with Cigna Global Health Benefits on Thought Leadership

Collaboration with Cigna Global Health Benefits on Thought Leadership


“We’ve laid off 50% of our total population.”

“Our group size has gone down on the international side from 200 to 70.”

“It needs to pick up and we have every indication that it will.”

“I think that things are starting to turn around a little bit right now.”

The energy industry, in particular oil and gas, is in its deepest downturn in decades.
Against that backdrop, we launched a survey of employee benefits professionals.
Our goal? To understand how oil and gas companies are coping with the
challenges of offering group benefits to expatriates, rotators, third country
nationals, inpatriates to the US, locally hired foreigners and the like.

Global mobility programs are changing shape, both in structure and in the makeup
of their participants. These changes are flowing through to benefits,
although the effects often look different for and within the global mobility group, where talent is
particularly critical and turnover costly. Given the unique requirements of conducting
business internationally, firms are looking for innovative ways to balance cost with
competitiveness. Because when the market turns around again – and it will, most
respondents say – employee benefits will become more critical than ever in
sustaining an effective presence on the world stage.

Many thanks to the 25 benefits professionals who participated in our survey. They are the voice of
experience, and this report represents their collective knowledge and