Annual Deloitte Collaboration Reveals Refocus in the Financial Services Industry

The Marketing AuditTM worked with Deloitte to develop a thought leadership piece comprised of executive perceptions within the financial services industry. This marks the fourth consecutive year Deloitte and The Marketing AuditTM have collaborated with this audience to deliver a comprehensive snapshot of where the leaders in this industry see their respective organizations heading.

The survey gathered executive perceptions regarding the impact of current market forces on financial institutions and what opportunities these changing forces bring to achieve solid growth within their business.  The resulting white paper is based on 200 interviews with financial services executives from six continents.

The survey, according to Deloitte, “revealed that after a turbulent and defensive period, financial services companies are starting to refocus on growth. In order to grow, firms will need to find the right balance of four elements: Getting fit, managing, controlling, and staffing for growth.”

Some key findings include:

  • 43% of respondents need to continue to restructure to accommodate the effects of the recent crisis/recession.
  • Nearly 30% of executives said that their companies need to address some core system issues in order to grow.
  • The #1 consideration in managing the firm’s growth strategy is ensuring sustainability.
  • 90% of respondents identified reputational impact as one of the most important areas that management considers when seeing their growth strategy.

The results were recently published in the report titled “Elements for Successful Growth in Financial Services.”

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