The Marketing Audit Gives Back

The Marketing AuditTM, in a continuing effort to maximize participation in research studies, has offered honorariums to hard-to-reach respondents. This technique has not only brought our clients great outcomes but has also resulted in over $150,000 donated to various charities.

High-level executives have demanding schedules, so it’s very important to cater to their best interests when we need a few minutes of their limited time. By offering these respondents the opportunity to do something positive for a cause they believe in, we’re able to leverage their expertise to help clients get the insight they need through the application of solid data.

Although The Marketing AuditTM has donated thousands of dollars to aid in catastrophic events, many donations have been sent to other causes chosen by executives interviewed for various market studies. For these respondents, spending twenty to thirty minutes talking about business is an easy task in light of what they can do to help charitable organizations reach their goals.

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